Steel Cabinet Set

NewAge Steel Garage Storage Cabinets Tool Storage Workbench Locking 12-piece Set

NewAge Steel Garage Storage Cabinets Tool Storage Workbench Locking 12-piece Set
NewAge Steel Garage Storage Cabinets Tool Storage Workbench Locking 12-piece Set
NewAge Steel Garage Storage Cabinets Tool Storage Workbench Locking 12-piece Set
NewAge Steel Garage Storage Cabinets Tool Storage Workbench Locking 12-piece Set
NewAge Steel Garage Storage Cabinets Tool Storage Workbench Locking 12-piece Set

NewAge Steel Garage Storage Cabinets Tool Storage Workbench Locking 12-piece Set    NewAge Steel Garage Storage Cabinets Tool Storage Workbench Locking 12-piece Set

NewAge Products Bold 3.0 Series Storage Cabinet 12-piece Set. We have a proven track record over the years. We have 1000s of satisfied customers all over the world. We use UPS and royalmail first class to post items to buyers. Organize your garage or workshop with this versatile everything-you-need set.

(2) 2 Door Base cabinets. The Bold Series 2-Door Base Cabinet offers you total durability and maximum storage space. Includes a cable management solution. Includes 1 height-adjustable shelf, that can be repositioned in 6 inch increments. Includes height adjustable leveling legs. Cabinet dimensions: 24W x 16D x 30H (60.96cm W x 40.64cm D x 76.2cm H) Included leveling legs increase height from: 33 ¼ to 35 ¼ H (84.45cm to 89.53cm H). (2) 4 Door Tool Cabinets.

(2) Multi Use Locker Cabinets. Our classic Multi-Use Locker is perfect for organizing your tools and garage gear. Includes 3 adjustable steel shelves and a closet rod with multi-peg hooks. Includes 3 easy-to-adjust steel shelves that can be repositioned in 8 increments. Includes a closet rod providing the perfect solution for hanging storage.

Cabinet dimensions: 30W x 18D x 72H (76.2cm W x 45.72cm D x 182.88cm H) Included leveling legs increase height from: 75 ¼ to 77 ¼ H (191.13cm to 196.21cm H). A sleek and secure solution for getting your gear up and off the ground. Our Bold Series Wall Cabinet is fully lockable with an adjustable shelf and attachable light valance for under cabinet lighting.

Easy and secure wall mounting bracket system. Includes a light valance for mounting under cabinet lighting. Cabinet dimensions: 24W x 12D x 18H (60.96cm W x 30.48cm D x 45.72cm H) Included light valance extends cabinet to 19.5 H (49.53cm H). Dimensions - Depth: 18 in. Dimensions - Height: 77.25 in. Dimensions - Width: 13 ft. Jet Black Frames with Charcoal Gray Doors or Jet Black Frames with Deep Red Doors. Great Cabinets, Best Customer Service. These are great cabinets and you can't beat the price.

However, New Age Customer Service is what lead me to write this review. When I got the cabinets, I noticed that the top and bottom of one of the tall lockers was damaged so the doors wouldn't stay shut. This was obviously caused by the courier who delivered the product. I emailed them photos and received a response within the hour.

A replacement locker was on its way. From the time I started my call to customer service to the time I had a new locker ordered was less than an hour. The following week I had a new locker delivered but this one was more damaged than the first. New Age had placed a notice NOT to use ratchet straps but this courier ignored this and did it anyway. The result was a dented locker.

Again, I emailed New Age and again within the hour I had a response. They even offered to pay me for the locker and keep it.

I liked my other cabinets so well that I asked for a new locker instead. The new locker was delivered undamaged and looks great in my finished garage. There is so much storage space in these and they have lots of configuration options. I would definitely recommend New Age Products. I have never dealt with such understanding, quick, and responsive customer service.

So glad I bought this! Great product and great customer service from Newage! One of my locker style cabinets was dented when I received it.

They replaced it very quickly. Finally, the garage of my dreams! Storage Cabinet 12 piece set. Excellent easy to read instructions. Everything came well packed with no damage. Easy to assemble if you have basic DYI skills and someone to help you. Quality is in line with cost. Extremely well designed garage cabinets. When it arrived, I was continually amazed at how well it was packaged. Every piece was fitted into very well designed boxes and the internal packaging was extraordinary. The containers also included all the nuts, bolts screws and washers required to assemble it the way I wanted.

The length of the adjustment legs easily allowed me to compensate for the slope of the garage floor so that I could get it all level. I was also pleasantly surprised at how heavy the metal is - even though its not the top-of-the line (PRO series).

I fitted these with some additional single units to enable fitment around a corner rather than along a wall. New Age manufacture a line both higher and lower than the Bold 3.0 but think the quality of these is perfect for home use. I feel the quality is just right.

My only negative is that the upper wall mounted cabinets are a little small and not so practical for my use but others could have a different experience. Everything came included, they were easy to install on my own and would definitely recommend these. This unit is everything I thought it would be. It fits perfectly in the space in my garage and had helped organize all my tools. Youll get 6 boxes with all 12 items inside.

Which I expected to have to deal with some, given the nature of the item. Everything fit normally without any issues. Was a bit disappointed with the drawer cabinets. Would have preferred stationary legs vs the wheels but Ill get used to it. Thought there would be both in the box.

Finish quality of the cabinets is far better than expected. We bought this for our garage and it was delivered way earlier than anticipated. It was very well packaged and easy to open up.

It took my husband a couple hours to put it all together and was very easy to move in to place and secure. The undercabinet lighting is a bonus. The quality is very nice and the price was much better than the hardware stores we were considering purchasing this type of product at. We like the flexibility of the product line as well - so many accessories and configurations it works well for many types of garage layouts. We are VERY happy with this product.

Bought 2 sets of the 12pc package, total 24pcs. This was the way to go!

I filled up one wall of my garage with 4 tall cabinets, 4 small cabinets and worktops, and 4-upper cabinets. Other garage wall has 4-drawer cabinets with leveling feet and 4-upper cabinets.

Tip: Make sure you lay the cabinets out to check measurements and centering. The 24awg sheet metal is fine for typical home-owner use. You don't need anything more unless you really need that strength.

The quality is awesome, packaging is superb despite the amount of trash! , and you can't beat this as the best bang for the buck. Pros: Easy to install, already assembled and easy to unpack, fairly good instructions, arrived on two pallets, didn't need a 2nd person to install anything and did it by myselfCons: SOOOOOO MUCH PACKAGING MATERIAL! There is a lot of styrofoam blocks so prepare for that, but you can also create a jig out of the blocks so that you can install the cabinets by yourself like me! Wish the rolling cabinets could be installed on the wall and have the table top mount.

I had to figure out a way to do thisSuggestions: Good stud finder and also keep in mind drawer cabinets can have leveling feet but you cant mount it on the wall unless you go through the sheet metalTools used: Hammer Screw Gun, 11mm wrenches and ratchets, a lot of styrofoam blocks, and 1ft and 5ft levels. Durable, easy to set up, great looking and very functional. NewAge customer service was polite, and very responsive. The quality of the Bold series is sufficient for any home garage, but a professional shop would need something with a little thicker steel.

These don't come with casters, but I was able to find some at the local hardware store. I would recommend these as a nice addition to any home garage. This is a great product that is both well designed and made. There was very little assembly needed and installing the cabinets directly to a wall was straight forward. Past experience is helpful because it's easy to get things out of alignment if you don't plan ahead.

Measure carefully, use layout lines and start in the middle and work towards the outside. Accomplished the entire job single handedly in one day. The product was great easy to install. And the company stands behind there merchandise. This product was a bit difficult to install because it takes two people but it looks beautiful.

Very well built and it built very solid. Great addition to any garage. Be gentle when building these and level them as you build them. I was very impressed with the quality.

I love the BOLD series. Big mistake, after the Bold 3.0, you will NOT want the Performance. So much better quality, looks much better, it's solid and I hate the handles on the other one.

The install was easy and took about two hours (Solo). You do have to be careful, I did starch one of the cabinets by trying to muscle it out of the box (my fault), but lucky it was hideable. I found that most of my clutter was able to fit in this storage unit.

The only difference that I see from the picture on the website is that I have an equal size gap between the tall storage cabinet and the drawer. My finished product does not look like the picture. I also like that you can configure the tall storage cabinets to your needs, I placed 3 golf bags in one and was able to stack other items. This was the easiest garage cabinet set to construct and is very functional, durable and great looking. Cleaned up my garage very well. Well built, very little assembly. I bought the cabinets for my new garage. They came packaged very securely and well protected from damage.

All the welds and powder coat finish were perfect. They came with lots of optional hardware to fasten the cabinets to normal walls, slot wall, concrete walls, or together.. Very happy with the results. I love that it comes pre-assembled and with enough mounting hardware to attach any cabinet to any other in whatever configuration you could dream up.

I was able to do almost all of it myself - only needing some help from my husband to remove the heavier drawer units from tall cabinets and holding up wall cabinets to install those. I would recommend a chalk line across wall to line things up with rather than just using a level as I installed each base unit to the next with a level but still had it a little out by the time the last wall unit needed to match up to the last tall cabinet.

Once everything it anchored to wall and each other, it feels totally solid. I do regret going with the stainless steel countertop however. It looks awesome and shiny but scratches very easily. I think the bamboo top would wear better while still looking great and show dust less. Everything is very solid once bolted together. I ended up setting mine on the footing of the garage, and lagging them to the wall rather than using the feet. I also put both lockers at one end as a preference.

There was zero communication or tracking information available on when they would show up. I got lucky and happened to be nearby when they called. Everything arrived undamaged and well packaged. Installation is very easy, and I would definitely recommend this product to a friend. Honestly I was not expecting that much given the price for all those cabinets.

But while doing the easy assembly I marveled at the thickness of steel and quality wheels etc. These cabinets are very sturdy with an overall solid feel. Even the wheels are high quality. Arrived in exactly one week.

No damage; they are packaged well and efficiently. Some reviewers have commented on the'cheapness' of this product but for the value and intention of use in the average guy's garage it is good quality.

No cheap screws that strip easily and the legs and casters are very sturdy. It will last a long time with regular garage use. If you're a pro and have a shop and work on cars, etc I'd probably get something more sturdy, but those units are probably at least 3x expensive as this. The bamboo work top is really nice, too. It was super challenging for me to install in my garage due to the length of this unit and the slope of my garage. But I did get it done, in one long saturday (I'm relatively handy). I went with the 12 piece option. Had a handyman help install a week later. Took us about 3-4 hours. They look amazing and are very durable.

Only drawback was - they should include a shelf for the bottom to cover the bolts and holes. You can use a shelf that is included, but there are just enough for other purposes. End of the day, we love it. Great Product, excellent customer service. Just completed installing the cabinets and the process was better than my expectations.

The instructions for the most part were easy to understand and accurate with one minor glitch that their customer service department corrected immediately. You do need someone to help get the cabinets out of the boxes. They were all packed very well.

New Age Bold 3.0 Series 12 Piece Set. This storage/work bench was everything we hoped for!

Assembly was easy, all parts plus extras where there. No damage and it looks amazing in our garage!

We are so organized I love it. Units arrived with no package damage. Seems quality for the price. The large cabinets seemed light but the smaller 4 drawyer tool cabinets were very heavy. Seems to be good enough quality for home garage usage.

It is a great product, just what I need. Built is really good and design is impressive and super easy to assemble.

Great merchandise, good prices and excellent customer service. Large amount of solid storage for this price. These are sturdy and versatile. The rolling boxes could have better brakes on the casters, but they are certainly adequate for most needs. Everything is easy to assemble and fits well together.

These came earlier than expected. Carrier parked on the curb and used dollies to carry the individual boxes down our driveway to the garage.

One box had an impact hole in it but the locker was just fine. They were packed well inside the box to be protected. My husband spent a day assembling/installing them.

They are in our garage and they look exactly like the picture. We love the wood countertop. We've got some rad YETI coolers with stickers of our travel destinations and they sit on top of the lockers. Looks so sleek, organized, and cool on that wall. The husband is super handy with tools so I would have died having to put them together but he was all over it and had zero problems. Just took a full day bc there was a lot to assemble, level, etc. I like that the top lockers mount to the wall so there is no tipping potential. Great quality, no damage, well packaged. Both kits were in great condition on receipt. There's a LOT of packaging, cardboard and foam you'll end up recycling! So far, I'm very pleased with the kit. Installing all the feet and rollers was time consuming, but everything fit as expected. Tip on the cabinet shelves...

With your fingers, bend the little tabs out a bit, and they'll catch their respective hooks in the cabinets much more easily. I bought this about 3 weeks ago. Assembly was a piece of cake. Took me about 3 days by myself. The reason it took so long is because I took my time and had to anchor 2x4's to the wall at three different levels to anchor all the cabinets to.

Once you get the tall cabinets assembled and leveled up against the wall open the doors and make marks on the wall through the holes so you will know where to attach your 2x4's to the wall if you need them. Attach one of the small upper cabinets to the tall end cabinet then work you way across until all the upper small cabinets are attached to each other between and the tall cabinets. Then tighten all the bolts that hold all the upper cabinets together. Then level that entire section before anchoring everything to the 2x4's. The only hard part was leveling the whole thing once it was all bolted together. I got it level related to the ceiling but I had to use 2 2x4's shims on the floor at one end to get it level because of the sloping of the garage floor. Using a little bit of smarts you can hang everything by yourself but it would easier with another person.

I had a ton of screws, bolts, and nuts left over and they give you 12 keys that are all the same so I just put one on my keychain and stored the rest elsewhere. I went and priced 3 cabinet shops and showed them a picture of these setup. The whole set is constructed with strong sheet metal too.

I hope that I didn't confuse anyone with my helpful hints. These cabinets look great in my garage. I bought this set for my teen age sons bedroom furniture. This is a great alternative to traditional furniture and is very versatile.

This is something that he can carry forward through life whether it is being used as furniture or in the garage. Very well packaged, easy assembly of feet and shelves. The product came in a very timely manner and undamaged as earlier reviews had stated. It is a great product for a home garage or storage area.

I would not recommend this for a auto mechanic as I think the gauged steel is not heavy enough for their needs. The cabinets are very sturdy and once you have them secured to the wall as suggested, they are very solid with lots of room. I would recommend these for any home garage storage project. Cabinets are just what we hoped for!

Very solid and packaged so well. Arrived undamaged and way earlier than expected. Nice product, excellent was to get your garage organized. Directions aren't the clearest but you can figure it out.

Great storage solution for the garage. Looks great in the garage and as well built.

Instructions are straightforward and is about 90% pre built. Had a problem with a door, new age sent me a new set out... Very good quality and really organized our messy garage.

Lots of space in cabinets. Great product for a great price - love them. Other reviews stated items were received damaged. None of ours were damaged. They come assembled with minimal additional assembly required - just legs and shelves.

They are not too heavy but are very durable and hold a lot of weight - they are easy to move around. They hold a lot and really helped declutter our garage.

Delivered early, easy to assemble. Finished out my shop properly!

Great quality my garage is full of these. Solid cabinets great hardware and packaging. Easy to install and level.

Good quality, easy assembly, I highly recommend to anyone looking for a storage solutuion in their garage. Came well packed, put together easy and looks fabulous.

Great product and customer service. I like the product, really it deserves each dollar spent on it. Very easy to put together making sure everything is level is a key. Only regret is I wish I ordered one or two more pieces..

Everything came as expected and easy to install. Easy to put together but, size makes two people (or more) preferable.

Bought two more cabinets for another wall. Cant compare strength to other cabinets but certainly fine for our needs. The worktop and lights are great to have.

This is as advertised and excellent choice. This unit fits our needs perfectly. It was delivered when said and without any damage.

It was packaged so that unpacking was easy and assembly was without issues. Great workbench with lots of storage. Easy to install and all cabinets arrived in perfect condition. I will let you know after I unpack everything. I have had them one month and still on the crate. Its taking me awhile to re organize the garage first. Cant wait to see them. New Age 3.0 bold series 12 piece set.

Great storage space and I would recommend this item. This is a great organizational set.

Perfect for our newly built garage. Great price in comparison to other stores.

Entire set came packaged very well. What does a month ago for my husband for a retirement gift. Replaced some old nasty garage cabinets and turned the garage into a thing of beauty. Everything was a plus from the ordering to putting them up. They even rolled all of them into the garage for my husband. Garage storage system (NewAge Bold 3.0 12 pc set).

The product was delivered as ordered, without damage. The assembly instructions were very clear and thorough. Most importantly to me, all necessary fasteners were included without shortages or missing items. The finished product is just as represented; very adaptable (shelf locations) and user friendly. A key lock on each cabinet is a nice touch.

Easy installation and professional look. Well made, solid construction easy installation, all for a fraction of the cost. What else could you ask for? We bought this month ago and We absolutely love it. It fit perfect on our back garage wall.

It is sturdy and well built, and yet light enough to install. This is the only company I've seen that includes enough hardware to put the item together in any configuration you choose. All of the accessories were included and the instructions for assembly were easy to follow. It did take about 8 hours to assemble and install for two people.

There was no visible damage, and we didn't find any problems with the pieces. The cabinets are steel, well painted, and easy to put together.

I'm very happy with them. This set is just as described. The packaging was so good it would be almost impossible for it to be damaged.

I would highly recommend this product. The quality of these cabinets are far beyond the cost.

Not a single dent or scratch in any of it. Amazing Product with Excellent Quality. I bought this for my garage last month once it went on sale and it was absolutely awesome. It was very easy to assemble and it was designed with top quality material. Great product easy to build and install.

These cabinets came very well packaged and not a scratch. The metal sturdy and not flimsy - I was a little worried about 24ga - but these are well made - much better feeling than the box store offerings. The cabinets and accessories were all well packaged and arrived without damage. It took me just over a day to unpack, assemble, and install the set. No quality issues were found, and everything looks great and works perfectly. No flaws in the finish, no dents, no missing parts. I just built my dream shop and needed some great cabinets. They arrived well protected, wrapped in a cardboard covered Styrofoam banded to each and every piece. Minor assembly needed to fasten legs and castors to the cabinets, then bolting the arrangement together in you own personal arrangement. All necessary hardware/fasteners were provided. The cabinets are very sturdy and attractive. They are providing a definite upgrade to the appearance to my shop. Realistically this product deserves 4.5 stars, but given no such option I go up to five. This garage cabinet set is really impressive! All the pieces arrived on one pallet, wonderfully packaged, no dents. Easy directions, can be re-configured however you want, according to your space. Well built and so roomy.

My brother and I organized and installed w/in one sort day. It arrived in less than3 weeks. I was easy to put together. It also had rubber lining for the draw units.

I highly recommend this unit. Excellent quality and easy installation. The red is not quite as fire engine red as the image (a good thing).

My only complaint is that they don't automatically hang themselves on the wall :. Makes my garage so much more organized and less cluttered.. Easy to assemble, a ton of extra hardware. It was well packaged, a lot of styrofoam though, which i guess it's good to keep the units protected, it's a lot of non-recyclable trash. I wish they would come up with a different way of protecting the units. Meaning a lot of waste.

Product was as good quality for the price. I mounted them without any of the footings or Wheels using 2 by lumber building base about 8' off ground. An extra piece of 2 by lumber under the drawer cabinets as they are slightly shorter.

Ordered a couple extra shelves directly from the company. It is excellent quality and reasonable price but need professional installation. FEED BACK ON BOLD 3.0 PURCHASEBy trade, I have been a Furniture Designer for some of the largest companies in the industry for over 45 years. Great Birthday Gift-Customer Service is Excellent. There was concealed damage on two cabinets.

I called the company and followed their instructions, one must realize that the company is busy during the Christmas season. The cabinets are well packaged from factory. Install was a breeze with using a level. Make sure the floor is level going right to left or left to right depending on how you set them. We will get many years of use. Great gift from my wife!!

Well Designed Garage Organization System. I bout this for my husband and he loves it- we did a slightly different configuration thanwhat is shown to meet our needs.

Easy to install if you have two people. Exactly as described, good price and packaging impressive. Customer service is our top priority! Please be sure to read the description thoroughly to make sure that this is the item you want before making a purchasing decision. We make every effort possible to accurately describe and depict the items.

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  1. Model: Does not apply
  2. Custom Bundle: Yes
  3. Item Height: 77.25"
  4. Item Width: 18"
  5. Number of Items: 8
  6. UPC: Does not apply
  7. EAN: Does not apply
  8. MPN: Does not apply
  9. Number of Drawers: 8
  10. Item Length: 156"
  11. Brand: NewAge Products
  12. Manufacturer Warranty: Limited Lifetime
  13. Manufacturer Color: Jet Black/Charcoal
  14. Bundle Description: See Listing

NewAge Steel Garage Storage Cabinets Tool Storage Workbench Locking 12-piece Set    NewAge Steel Garage Storage Cabinets Tool Storage Workbench Locking 12-piece Set